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The RISC Course
Relationship | Intimacy | Sex | Communication
More Love. More Sex. Less Fighting.
with Relationship Experts Christian Pedersen & Sonika Tinker, MSW
7-Week Course Starts October 5, 2016

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Course Description for Joint Venture Partners

The ManKind Project is relaunching the incredibly popular live 7-week online course for couples called The RISC Course. It has been created specifically to appeal to men and their partners. We wanted to create a relationship course that resonated with men; that they wanted to take both for themselves and with their partner; and which women can feel confident presenting to their partner.

The RISC Course will be led by Christian Pedersen and Sonika Tinker, a dynamic married couple with over 35 years combined experience working with couples on helping them create the relationship of their dreams — potent, fun, super-sexy, respectful and deeply loving.

The course re-launches this fall in October and we’re looking forward to having you join us as a JV Partner for this course. This year we will be offering 2 engagement opportunities for you to promote to your lists: a free downloadable e-book titled The 3 Relationship Destroyers and a free webinar called The RISC Challenge. These are designed be promoted together in sequence, although you may choose to promote either one or the other separately to your lists.

Details for JV Partners:

  • The RISC Course begins October 5th, 2016
  • The RISC Challenge Free Webinar Event will be held on Sept 14th.
  • The price of the RISC Course will be $397 per couple with a 3 pay option ($140 x 3)
  • The JV Partner promotion window for the RISC Challenge is from August 31 – Sept 13.
  • The JV Partner promotion window for the RISC Course is from September 14 to October 4th.
  • You will earn 40% commissions on all course registrations from your marketing efforts
  • We will provide all swipe copy and banners for your promotional efforts
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