with Relationship Experts Christian Pedersen & Sonika Tinker, MSW
Course Starts October 28, 2015

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The RISC Course
The Essential 7 Week Online Course
For A Lasting Love and Sex Breakthrough
with Relationship Experts
Christian Pedersen & Sonika Tinker, MSW
Course Starts October 29, 2014

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What #NewWarriors Say
about working with Christian and Sonika

Paul and I have used Sonika and Christian’s content daily. The more we talk about the RISC course with our friends, the more we are making deeper connections in our marriage simply by explaining what we’ve learned. We appreciate your teachings and how you shared them so openly and honestly! Thanks guys!

Rich & Paul

Sonika and Christian helped us identify the places where we kept ‘pulling’ on each other and now we find we can stop the pulling and soften to find more ease and to better be the partners we want to be.

Jonathan (Kuraa Grey Wolf) and Jennifer

Kendra and I have taken the Challenge of the RISC Course seriously. The simple practices in this course … that I didn’t learn anywhere else in MKP … have helped me improve the way I LOVE and hold my partner. Pragmatic. Fun. Effective. That’s Christian and Sonika.

Boysen (Brother Raven) and Kendra (Mountain Lion) Hodgson

If you have not experienced Christian’s program you are starving at a barbeque. I cannot say enough great things about how Christian and Sonika have contributed to the wonderful turnaround of my 22 year marriage that was teetering over the cliff. Happy to report that my wife and I practice daily the tools and language that we learned. Each day just keeps getting better. Make the time and go! You will be so glad you did.

Machen MacDonald (Infinite Tahoe Eagle)

Working with Sonika & Christian changed our entire relationship, and how we communicate and talk to one another. We have a newfound respect for each other in our marriage. We really HEAR each other now, we really listen. We are able to have discussions instead of confrontations.

Donovan Rae (Screeching Osprey)

Christian and Sonika create a Utopian-like container for couples to do deep work. Their processes are a blessed mix of jovial, insightful, and intense. After a year of counseling, other couples workshops that we attended and hosted, countless books, and individual work, my wife and I attended their 2-day workshop, “Give Yourself to Love”. It was there that we discovered the exact pieces of our ‘dance’ that we were still trying to force into the puzzle. Through a series of solo, coupled, and mixed group experiences, we saw patterns that had been a driving us crazy for over 25-years – and we healed them there. On the spot.

Barry Friedman (Truthful Rhino)

Sonika & Christian helped us to not be reactive, to instead be present with whatever shows up between us. We’ve learned to how to actually take responsibility. We didn’t use to have that space; we used to shut down each other’s experience. Now there’s room for us to feel ourselves and our feelings.
Sonika & Christian are truly inspired, and inspiring! They give me hope there’s another way.

Roy Cunningham (Grateful Wolf)

Seeing Sonika & Christian’s example of interacting as a powerful man and woman let me see how I can be MYSELF with MY powerful woman. MKP taught me stand in the heat of other men’s anger. But I could never stand in the heat of my woman’s anger. I always backed away and withdrew. Sonika & Christian taught me to stand in the heat of my woman’s anger and it has brought us infinitely closer to one another. This shift allowed me to commit to her fully and we then got married.

Victor Gamolsky (Playful Wolf with Noble Heart)

Working with them has helped me to be a man on mission with ALL my relationships, not just with Donna. When Sonika & Christian have hiccups, they put it out there. They’re willing to look at the good, bad and ugly, in themselves and others. They don’t sugarcoat, don’t make their teaching perfect-book stuff, they bring their whole relationship out there for us. They give amazing space to each other.

Jeff Russell (Fatherwolf)

Getting to witness the depth and vulnerability Sonika & Christian go through and share with us, combined with their constant refinement – it almost takes on a mystical quality. I now know myself deeply and bring the truth of myself to the “relationship table”. What they offer is a very pure form of awareness and practices that cut through so much story. They don’t support victimhood, and really support me taking 100% responsibility for my life and joy. Everything I learned from them I still use.

Louis Buchetto (Dog of Love)

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