The RISC Challenge
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Dare to Fire Up Your
Sex and Love!
A FREE Global Online Seminar
with Christian Pedersen & Sonika Tinker, MSW
October 1st, 2014 @ 5:30 PM Pacific
Learn the 4 Essential Relationship Principles
to Revive and Deepen Your Intimacy and Passion
This 75 minute Free Global Seminar is presented by Sonika Tinker, MSW and Christian Pedersen, founders of LoveWorks. They have over 30 years of experience working with singles and couples… just like you.
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Your relationship will not get better by itself.

You’re stuck. The fire in your relationship may be dying (or dead).

In spite of your best efforts, things are getting worse instead of better.

The hard truth is, what you’re doing to make it better probably DOES make it worse.

But it isn’t your fault. Or your partner’s.

Most of us were never taught what actually makes great relationship work. The fairytale model of relationships we’ve been handed is missing some crucial parts. Like how to keep a relationship alive and vibrant after the honeymoon is over, or how to effectively handle the inevitable challenges of day to day life.

That’s why “normal” today means a divorce rate over 50%.

It’s time to take a RISC. It’s FREE.

Sign up for this FREE 75 minute Seminar – and get FOUR CORE principles to transform your relationship. Read more about it and watch the 3 minute video presentation on the home page!